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15 Essential iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

Saturday, December 4th, 2010
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The iPhone is so much more than just a phone. And with this list of Apps installed, the iPhone becomes a phenomenally powerful tool for managing your web empire, business, finance and even your personal life.

As you’ll see from the list, I’m a huge fan of any App that allows you to take work out of the office, or gives you easy access to financial information.

1. WordPress for iPhone

This powerful little App allows WordPress blog owners like yours truly to write posts and update any number of blogs on the go. I have never used it to write complete posts up to the quality required for publishing, but it’s a handy place to jot ideas down. Then when you login on your laptop or desktop computer, all your ideas will be waiting for you to develop them into full length posts.

2. Facebook for iPhone

This requires little explanation. Almost every iPhone user has this installed anyway. In short, it makes Facebook even more addictive than it already is, allowing you to update your status, view your newsfeed, contribute to threads and upload photos on the go.

3. TweetDeck

Tweet from your iPhone. What TweetDeck has over Facebook for iPhone is the built-in ability to let you manage many accounts. Which is handy, given the versatility of third party integration of Twitter into websites, blogs and just about anywhere else on the net.

4. FTPOnTheGo

For webmasters, this is a powerful little App which allows the editing of ANY website from your iPhone. It works just like a desktop FTP client, allowing you to download files, edit code and re-upload the edited files to your web server. It isn’t free, but for the low price of ___, I consider it a worthwhile investment.

5. oDesk

If you use oDesk to hire staff, the oDesk app allows you to see who is online and working at any given time.

6. Sherpa

If you use BaseCamp to manage your virtual corporation, Sherpa gives you the power of BaseCamp on your iPhone, allowing you to do business and manage your company from anywhere – taking work out of the office.

7. PayPal

Send and request money from your phone. See your PayPal account balance in real time. If you own one or more online stores, it’s a real buzz to login to this App from a shopping mall or restaurant or even a beach, and see the balance going up.

8. Skype

Consider what Skype did to the international calls market and now consider how useful it is to have Skype on your phone. Make international calls from your mobile handset without having to remortgage your home to be able to afford it.

9. Simply

If you’ve ever dabbled in the stock market, or would like to learn, this is another app that allows you to take work with you anywhere you go. has created this App, allowing you to trade stocks wherever you are. I’m currently a fan of any financial institution that has taken the plunge and put out a free iPhone app for their customers and for that reason, I love Simply. But that’s not the only reason. Simply’s transaction fees are actually lower than any other personal share dealing accounts out there – only £8 per purchase or sale.

10. GoDaddy Mobile

Any time you get an idea for a website, you can check domain availability from anywhere. You can also manage domains you own: change DNS settings and even buy and sell domain names from your iPhone.

11. Natwest

The amount of convenience this allows you cannot be overstated. See your current account’s balance wherever you are.

12. XE Currency

Not everbody will see the handiness in this app, but living in the UK and doing business on the Internet so much and outsourcing labour to countries all over the world, having a currency conversion tool with real time exchange rates within arms reach most of the time, is just plain convenient.

13. TextMeLater

I love my family and my friends. But sometimes it doesn’t seem that way when I forget their birthdays. Thanks to this App I’ve never forgotten a birthday since I got it. While it doesn’t go the whole nine yards and automatically send messages for you, you can prewrite SMS messages and schedule them to be sent. When that day and time come, a popup will appear on your iPhone screen and you can then send the message with a single tap. Handy!

14. CalenGoo

Being an Apple product, of course, the iPhone favours iCal over Google Calendar. CalenGoo gives Google Calendar users instant and tidy Google Calendar on the iPhone. You can add appointments, remove them and it is always synched with your Google Account.

CalenGoo for iPhone

15. Vlingo

For anybody born in the 80s, the idea of talking to a computer and it complying with what you said, was up until now confined to science fiction movies, which might by why I never seem to be any less amazed when I use this. It just seems like Voodoo!

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